Nature Senior Picture Ideas

Nature Senior Pictures are the most popular of all the senior portrait concepts. The most common location requested by our mid-west clients (get your surprised face ready) is in the prairie surrounded by tall grass and hopefully wildflowers. Why you ask? Because that’s what everybody else is doing. It’s both amusing and ironic because most clients come to us because they don’t want their senior pictures to look like everyone else’s and then they want to do what everyone else is doing.

So how do we reconcile this need to be different with the need to be the same nature senior pictures as everyone else? Inspiration! We have so many ideas to share for all sorts of locations like vineyards, parks, gardens, nature trails, orchards, flowering trees, golf courses, even vine covered walls that most of our clients lock onto new ideas for nature senior pictures they had never considered before and forget all about the prairie. And for those who do stick with the prairie, we do our best to make them beyond spectacular.

More Nature Senior Picture Ideas

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