So excited about these chalk dance senior pictures we did with Class of 2019 Senior Model Laina Lewis. Chalk dance pictures create a god awful mess in the studio so we don’t do this with just anyone, but we’ve known Laina since kindergarten and she’s worth it. We even saw Laina perform at her first dance recital way back when and this is the first time we’ve seen her dance since. All we can say is wow! That little girl with the twinkle in her eye has really grown into an amazingly beautiful, strong, graceful and talented woman. We were just blown away. We were so happy with the result, because the images really capture all those wonderful things Laina has become and, on top of it, they beautifully feature her crazy long hair.

Behind the Scenes:

A little secret about the chalk, in case you’re wondering. We actually use flour. I think chalk might work a little better and create a finer dust, but we didn’t have any and you can’t argue with the results. 

Each shot takes time to setup. It helps to make a little pile of chalk to sweep your hair through and then rub a some more in the hair so it’s cocked and ready to blaze a trail. It also takes a little time to for the cloud to dissipate and you get a nicer contrast if you wait for the dust to settle.

Note to photographers: If you use studio strobes with internal cooling fans, take precautions to minimize the amount of flour that gets sucked into your lights and spread all over their delicate circuitry. A little panty hose over the intake should do the trick.